Marzipan Confectionery

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Total time: 45 min



Prepared on the occasion of the “Juelicher Hochzeit” in 1585.

* Almond kernels without brown skin, whole or alternatively already chopped, put in grinder with the sugar and chop.

* Knead in egg white and rose water. It gives the mixture a slightly perfume-like aroma.

* Mix in dried orange pieces or orangeade and ground hazelnuts. Scrape out vanilla pod and add pulp. Season with salt, nutmeg and Christmas spice mixture and grind again. let rest for an hour, polished still refrigerated for a night before shaping * dough in small portions with a teaspoon on a baking sheet and heat in the oven over medium heat for about 20 min * the marzipan cookies keep in an airtight tin for about a month.

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