Gnocchi Di San Zeno Mit Crema Castelmagno

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 1.0 (Portionen)




(*) For two to three people.

Gnocchi: Remove the peel from the potatoes, cut into quarters and make in salted water. Then steam them well so that as little water as possible remains, then press them hot through a potato ricer.

Fold in the yolks, then add the Parmesan cheese and as little flour as possible, but the dough should be firm (make a gnocchi to test!). Season with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg.

Form the dough into a roll and cut into short pieces. Take one at a time in your hand and make grooves with a fork.

Put them in low boiling water, drain them well, then cover them with a little bit of brown butter and serve them drizzled with the crema (see below). Grind coarse pepper over it.

Serve with a salad of radicchio di Castelfranco.

Crema (cheese sauce): Heat whipping cream in a water bath, add cheese and stir until smooth.

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