Polpettone Italian Minced Meat Roast

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Total time: 45 min

For six servings:


Pork fat, veal, beef and mortadella from the butcher together through the meat grinder – do not worry, also in these modern times, even the supermarket meat counter staff are required to also satisfy such unusual customer requests! Courage, the customers are king!

Mix the meat with the egg yolk, the egg, the potatoes and the cheese. Form the dough into an oval loaf and place it in a greased ovenproof dish. Brush with oil and melted butter. Put in the oven, switch to 200 °C and roast for 20 minutes. Cut onions into rings. Clean, rinse and chop celery and carrots. Add the vegetables to the meat. Continue roasting for another twenty minutes. Add wine and cook again for 15 minutes. Drain tomatoes, pass through a sieve and add to vegetables. Continue cooking for 15 minutes.

Serve roast with vegetables and garnish with basil.

Serve with white bread and green salad.

* Per unit in about 525 calories / 2197 joules

Pork, veal, minced meat

Tip: Do you know purple carrots? This is an old, very aromatic variety – why not use it for a change!

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