Stag Breast, Stuffed

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Total time: 45 min



Have a deer breast prepared so that it is easy to fill. First lard the meat neatly with smoked bacon, season with salt and sprinkle with a tiny bit of paprika. Prepared in this way, it will stay. Then make the stuffing. For this you need 250 g of deer, roe deer or pork meat and streaky bacon, (both cut into small cubes) parsley and a mug of soup. Brown the bacon in the frying pan, add the meat with salt and parsley, pour the soup over it and steam it together with the lid closed, you may need to add a little more soup. The steamed meat is put through the finest slice of the meat grinder, you can add one more bread roll soaked in soup and mix it with one egg and 5o g of creamy butter. Do not knead the filling with a fork, but with your hand from scratch, it will hold together better and taste a little bit with black pepper, lemon peel and pate spice. For festive occasions you can also add 100 g of diced and cooked smoked tongue and the sliced pistachios. Then fill the breast and sew it up with white twine, but do not make the stitches too big so that the filling does not ooze out. The meat is cooked without any other additions, just in

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