Marinated Matjes in Sour Cream – Beetroot Carpaccio and Caviar Peas

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



Caviar potatoes:


Remove bones and trimmings from the matie fillets. Cut fillets evenly into 1/2 cm cubes. Cut an apple just as large and add to the matjes with half of the lemon juice form. Cut onion into very fine cubes, blanch once briefly and mix with the matjes. Add sour cream, season and mix. This quantity should infuse for at least one day.

Boil the beet in salted water until soft. The same goes for the potatoes, which should be as evenly sized as possible. Peel the beet and cut it into very fine slices (the thinner the better!). Place these slices in a rosette on a plate.

Mix apple cider vinegar and germ oil, season with horseradish, pepper, salt and sugar and brush the carpaccio with it. Marinate for a few minutes and brush again just before serving.

Remove the core from the remaining apples and cut into 1/2 cm thick slices. Cut out the apple slices and the pumpernickel with a corrugated cookie cutter (4 cm ø).

Place a ring about 5 cm high and 4 cm in diameter in the center of the plate on top of the carpaccio. (It works without the ring, but it doesn’t look as good!) Start with a slice of pumpernickel, then place the marinated Matjes and finally the apple slice on top. Through the opening that the core has left, you now put nice long chive stalks through.

The small lukewarm peeled potatoes on the bottom

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