Wachauer Kitzerl Shoulder with Young Green Beans

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Total time: 1 hour


For the garnish:


For the Wachauer Kitzerlschulter, season the meat, sear well on all sides in hot fat and add the herbs and garlic. Pour on some stock and braise covered at 90 °C for about 4 hours in the oven until tender. Finally, remove the lid, increase the heat to 170 °C and brown the meat a little more. Pour in some stock, stir in butter and diced tomatoes. Now baste the meat very often and glaze it in this way. Remove the shoulder, cut the thicker parts into slices and arrange with the braising juice. Serve with the vegetables. In the meantime, clean the green beans and boil them in salted water (not too soft, but not so al dente that they “squeak” between your teeth). Quench in ice water to preserve color. Cook broad beans until tender as well. Sauté peeled shallots in a saucepan with a little butter, pour a few drops of stock, cover and simmer until shallots are soft. Then swirl all the vegetables with some soup and the peeled and halved cherry tomatoes and assemble with pieces of ice-cold butter.

Serve the finished Wachauer Kitzerlschulter with the vegetables and enjoy.

Preparation Tip:

A delicious Wachauer Kitzerlschulter recipe for gourmets!

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