Vegetarian Toast

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Total time: 15 min

Servings: 2.0 (servings)



For vegetarian toast, first toast the 4 slices of toast. Then cut each slice of toast diagonally so that one slice of toast becomes two triangles.

Spread half a tablespoon of Pesto Rosso on each of the triangles. Thinly slice the tomatoes and feta cheese, and alternate a layer of tomatoes and a layer of feta cheese on each of 4 triangles of toast.

Drip a few drops of balsamic glace on the last layer, spread the washed arugula on all four toast triangles and cover with the remaining four triangles. Arrange the vegetarian toast with some balsamic glace and tomatoes on the plate and enjoy immediately.

Preparation Tip:

Vegetarian toast with a fresh salad - and a perfect light meal is conjured up!

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