Rosehip Jam, Homemade

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Total time: 45 min



The oval fruits of the dog rose shine red through the thinning bushes. Before nature retires for the winter, it provides people with fruits that have an exceptionally high vitamin C content: Rose hips contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits, for example.

With careful drying they hardly lose vitamin, just as with cooking it keeps better than most other fruits and vegetables. The medium sized rosehip bush grows mainly on embankments and forest edges. The best time for collecting is October to November, when the fruits are still hard. Besides collecting, processing also tests patience and endurance, because the fruits have to be pitted by hand.

Rinse 500 g of rose hips, stoned and weighed, cut away the fly and stalk, cut in half and remove the seeds (do not throw away the seeds, but boil them with a little water for 10 minutes, pour them out and add the liquid to the rose hip puree). Put the rose hips in a large frying pan, pour 250 ml of red wine, or water, cover and leave for one night. The following day, boil until soft and pass through the passevite. Add 425 g sugar, perhaps up to 1/6 more, cinnamon, if desired, make on a large fire, stirring continuously for about 10 minutes, pour boiling into very clean jars and seal on the spot.

Tip: The rosehip jam can be used not only as a spread, but also for sweetening

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