Pork Curry Chiang Mai – Geng Hang Lae

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Total time: 45 min



Garlic ginger paste:


A bean recipe to suit all tastes:

I N F O This curry, as the name suggests, originates in northern Thailand and is sometimes called a Burmese curry; it was adopted by the northern Thai when they were under Burmese rule from the 16th to 18th centuries. This thick and oily curry of the complexity of a massaman – just this an imported curry – smells of spices that suggest an Indian origin, not very far from the borders of Myanmar (as Burma is now called).

Pork belly, ribs and peanuts are the most consistent ingredients of this curry, of which there are many variations. In Chiang Saen, on the northern border of Thailand, the local version adds to the pork and peanuts a selection of vegetables: cooked or fermented bamboo shoots, long green and Thai snake beans and melanzane, respectively.

Always make more of these than necessary, because this curry keeps well – in fact, it keeps getting better.

T H E R I T I N G At the beginning, cook the curry paste. Then make the garlic-ginger paste by pounding the ingredients in a mortar.

Put the pork belly and ribs twice in cold water and blanch them, then put them in cold water and, when cooled down, cut them into 2 cm cubes. Heat fat or oil and fry garlic-ginger paste until golden. Add curry paste and pork and cook, stirring throughout, for several

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