Italian Goat Cheese Salad

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Total time: 15 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



For the Italian goat cheese salad, carefully mix oil, vinegar, olive paste, garlic and thyme in a small bowl.

Cut ciabatta in half horizontally, then vertically, to make 4 pieces. Drizzle the bread pieces with a little dressing, then top with tomatoes and basil leaves.

Cut the goat cheese into 12 slices and place 3 slices on each of the ciabatta pieces. Brush the cheese with a little dressing and bake the breads in a preheated oven at 230 °C for 5-6 minutes, until golden brown around the edges.

Cut the bread pieces in half. Arrange the lettuce leaves on plates, place the bread on top, drizzle with the remaining dressing and garnish the goat cheese salad with fresh basil leaves.

Preparation Tip:

As an alternative to goat cheese, you can use mozzarella cheese.

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