How to Do It Right: Braised Goose

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Michael Kammermeier is the shooting star among Michelin chefs.

But he also started from scratch. Here he talks about his initial problems with roast goose – and reveals how to do it better.

Almost twenty years later, that’s how it was for me.

I slid the goose under the grill again briefly to roast the skin until it was really crispy.

We tried to re-cook the goose again – from the bottom up, in a roasting pan, with clear soup, etc. – but by then two guests had arrived, asking where the geese were. My boss sent me outside with a short shout. A third guest (a friend of the house) came and asked if he could help us.

Fill apples, onion, new spice and mugwort into the goose. Fill a roaster with a tiny bit of water and put the goose in. Put it in the oven for one hour at 200 °C convection, then turn the heat down to 80 °C (top/bottom heat) and cook for at least seven hours at this low temperature. From time to time, baste with the escaping fat.

Later you have enough time to prepare the rest: Sauté the neck together with the finely chopped wings in a saucepan, add the vegetables as well as the apple, fry. Drain the fat, add the paradeis pulp, fry briefly and extinguish with a little white wine. Reduce the white wine and extinguish repeatedly.

Repeat this process three to four times. Then fill up with chicken stock. For about 12

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