Herring Salad

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Total time: 45 min



For the herring salad, fry lean streaky bacon over low heat.

Add finely diced green beans and red bell pepper, sauté for a few minutes, turning.

Deglaze with water or possibly vegetable soup. Cover and simmer on low heat for 8 minutes.

In the meantime, steam peeled, hard boiled, diced potatoes with diced onions in water with lid closed for a few minutes until al dente.

Let cool and mix loosely with the vegetables.

Cut pickled herring fillet into pieces and arrange together with oil on leaf salad.

Add white pepper, sea salt and some dill, chives or parsley and serve the herring salad.

Preparation Tip:

If you don't want bacon, make the herring salad without it. However, the bacon gives the salad a fine savory touch.

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