Hamburger Variations

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 8.0 (servings)

For 8 hamburgers:


Remove the skin from the onion and dice very finely. Sauté in hot oil until translucent. Squeeze the peeled garlic clove through the press and add. Cool. Season the minced meat with salt, onion mixture, pepper and a little bit of thyme. Form 8 meat dumplings from the dough and flatten. Heat oil in a large frying pan, pour in the meatballs and fry for about 2 minutes on each side. Reduce temperature and cook the meatballs for about 4 minutes on each side. Variation 1: Cut open 2 round rolls, place a meatball on the bottom of each. Place thin tomato slices on top and sprinkle with chives, basil or parsley. Cover with the top half. Variation 2: Cut rolls in half, top the bottoms with 2 small lettuce leaves on each. Place one meatball on each. Stir through 1 tbsp mayo, tomato ketchup and mixed kitchen herbs. Spread on the meatballs and fold the top half of the bun on top. Variation 3: Cut out rolls. Cover bottoms with lettuce leaves. Spread 1/2 onion and 1/2 each red, green and yellow bell bell pepper in fine rings evenly on lettuce leaves. On top of each, place a meatball form and fold the top half of the bun on top. Variation 4: Cover the cut rolls again with lettuce leaves. Spread 1 tbsp. chili sauce, 1/2 cheese slice and fine onion rings evenly on each to taste.

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