Fragrant Duck Curry – Geng Gari Per

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Total time: 45 min




I N F O Geng gari (fragrant curry) is of Indian origin – gari is the Tamil word from which the English curry is derived. The spice nuance is quite salty, and only a tiny bit of sugar is added so that the paste does not become too bitter from the abundance of dried spices. This type of curry is usually accompanied by pickled vegetables, which are meant to stand out through the coconut cream and get to the spicy core of the curry.

Beef or poultry, together with a starchy vegetable – especially potatoes – are the most common ingredients in a geng gari. Sometimes a freshwater fish is also used, and alternative vegetables include pumpkin, taro, white sweet potato and radish, respectively. This recipe is from Mom Ratchawongse Theuang Sanitsawongse.

P a g e First, cook the paste.

Heat the coconut milk, add the duck cubes and cook for approx.

20 min. -, then set aside. Rinse potatoes under running water to remove excess cornstarch, then cook in coconut milk or salted water until cooked but still firm.

Meanwhile, “crack” the coconut cream and sauté the paste in it for at least 5 min until you smell the spices. Season with palm sugar and fish sauce. Pour the duck cooking liquid by the ladle until the curry is quite viscous. Add duck and potatoes. Season to taste and sprinkle with fried shallots.

As side dishes:

– pickled red

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