Discolored Garlic – Pickled Garlic

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Total time: 45 min

Servings: 4.0 (servings)



> I have canned garlic and onions in vinegar, now has.

Discoloration of garlic can always happen when preserving with vinegar. Garlic contains a lot of sulfur, which can oxidize with the vinegar. Whether this happens or not depends on the sulfur content of the garlic and the acidity of the vinegar. The discoloration may be visually disturbing, but from a health point of view it is completely harmless, the garlic can still be eaten.

If you want to prevent discoloration, add 1 dash of juice from a lemon to the canning jar – the vitamin C largely protects against oxidation. Try the following recipe.

Remove the skin from the garlic cloves, but leave them whole. Boil the mustard seeds, white wine, vinegar, sugar, bay leaf, rosemary and salt together. Add the garlic cloves and simmer gently over low heat for ten minutes, then cool in the gravy. Add the juice of one lemon.

Pour the garlic cloves with the broth and some of the spices into rather small, clean jars. Finish with a little olive oil and seal the jars.

Tip: Always use aromatic spices to enhance your dishes!

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