Coffee Cake Pops

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Total time: 1 hour



For the coffee cake pops, first mix the mascarpone with the coffee and the coffee liqueur. Then stir in the sponge cake crumbs to make a firm mass that can be easily formed into balls and does not stick to the hands. Roll equal-sized balls and chill for about half an hour.

Meanwhile, melt the white chocolate coating with a few drops of oil over a water bath. Dip the sticks at one end and stick them into the balls. Chill until the chocolate is thoroughly dry.

Then, while constantly turning, glaze the cake pops with the light chocolate coating. Again, chill for about half an hour so that the glaze dries well.

In the meantime, melt the dark couverture with a little oil. Drip on top of the cake pops and let the coffee cake pops dry again in a cool place before snacking.

Preparation Tip:

If you like, you can also decorate the coffee cake pops with chopped coffee beans or brittle.

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