Branzino on Basil Tomato Concassé

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Total time: 15 min



For the Branzino on basil-tomato concassé, briefly blanch (scald) the tomatoes in boiling water, rinse in ice water and peel off the skin. Halve the tomatoes, remove the seeds and cut into cubes. Halve the pitted olives and finely chop the garlic clove. Mix the tomato cubes with the olive halves, the garlic, 6 tablespoons olive oil and the lemon juice. Cut basil leaves into fine strips and add.

Season with salt and pepper. Season the carefully boned Branzino fillets with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Heat some olive oil in a pan and sear the fish fillets in it on both sides. Fry on the skin side until done. Arrange the tomato concassé on plates and place the fried fish fillets on top. Briefly roast the pine nuts in the fish pan and then sprinkle over the branzino on basil.

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