Branzino in Sage Salt Crust with Herb Potatoes

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Total time: 30 min


Herb potatoes:


For the branzino in sage salt crust with herb potatoes, mix coarse sea salt with egg white and sage flowers. Slice the tomatoes and cut the branzino into pieces. Place the fish on the tomato slices, insert a sprig of rosemary and cover generously with the sea salt mixture and bake in the oven. When the salt crust is hard, the fish is ready.

For the herb potatoes, slice the potatoes with a chatreuse knife and bake in the oven with chopped pimpernel, tarragon, paprika (if you want it extra spicy, use cayenne pepper instead of paprika) olive oil and salt. Serve the branzino in sage-salt crust with the potatoes.

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